At Pediatric Smiles, we believe everyone is important and that children are a gift.

We believe in building confidence in every child we have the opportunity to serve, helping each gain the skills and knowledge needed to maintain their oral health and to pursue their dreams.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, and empathy.

We believe every child and their family needs to know they are safe, that we are listening to them, and that we place their safety, health, and well-being at the forefront of all we do.

Above all, we believe in caring for each child as we would our own: gently and calmly, always with patience and kindness, in order to gain their trust and build a nurturing relationship.

Helping Little Smiles Grow Into Big, Bright, and Beautifully Healthy Smiles!

Since 2010, Dr. Tabitha Jarman Gatrey and her team have been honored to care for the growing smiles of their friends and neighbors.

Dr. Gatrey and our staff pursue continuing education opportunities to stay at the forefront of new developments. At the same time, we are personable, friendly, and welcoming. We love spending our days in the company of fascinating, dynamic children and treasure the energy and excitement each brings to our lives!

  • Positive Dental Care: We understand the impact early childhood experiences can have on an individual: creating feelings that last well into adulthood. So we strive to provide only positive, supportive experiences when a little one visits Pediatric Smiles.
  • Setting the Child at Ease: From warm smiles and greeting the child by name upon arrival, to taking time to really listen and engage, we work to help everyone feel safe. When it’s time for the exam or procedure, we make sure the patient is comfortable in the chair, and walk him or her through what’s going to happen using everyday language. With a Tell-Show-Do approach, plus encouraging and thoroughly answering the little one’s questions, we help to eliminate any worry the youngster might have.
  • Constant Encouragement: During the procedure, Dr. Gatrey and our team are attentive to children’s physical and emotional comfort. We talk with them about what we’re doing, check on how they’re feeling, and tell them how proud we are of their behavior. (It isn’t easy to hold still, even for some adults!) When finished, we reinforce how well the patient did and how happy we are to have had this time with them.
  • Child and Parent Education: A large focus of our practice is on prevention: stopping small issues before they become problems, and, better yet, making sure the small issues never start. In order to give the child the best start, we offer practical education and guidance to children and their families. Teaching about everything from nutrition to the importance of exercise, healthy behaviors, and establishing good home dental hygiene, is all part of our service. We want our patients, and their parents, to understand why it’s important to maintain oral health and how to do so, so the little one has a lifetime of healthy, wonderful smiles before them!

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We invite you to learn more about our practice, and introduce your child to Dr. Gatrey, our team, and the office, with a complimentary consultation. Located in Bessemer, AL, Pediatric Smiles welcomes infants through teens and individuals with special needs from McCalla, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and surrounding communities. We look forward to welcoming you and your young family members to our smile care family, too! Please contact us and schedule your child’s complimentary visit today!